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She drastically improved our social media presence, blogs and websites, as well as our SEO and PPC campaigns.”

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Psychology in Marketing

Oh hey there, thanks for joining me today! Having worked in marketing for a while, I’ve noticed that certain factors in your design elements evoke different psychological responses in your target audience – let’s check them out! Colour The psychology of colour is a well-documented phenomenon that’s even more apparent in the world of marketing.Continue reading “Psychology in Marketing”

10 Acts Of December Kindness

2020 has certainly been a year of great change. Whereas no one could deny it’s been an exceptionally difficult year, it’s also very much been a year of exceptional kindness, too. At the beginning of lockdown, the local news and social media feeds were flooded with good deeds – for example, neighbours collecting shopping, offeringContinue reading “10 Acts Of December Kindness”

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