Introducing Annie

Hi you, and thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Annie and I’ve worked in Digital Marketing for many years now.

Originally, I was working as an actor in London, when I was asked to create a website for a co-op agency Actors Empowerment. I had some experience with WordPress through running Inter:Mission Bristol, but had never built one from scratch before.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, and from there was spurred to go into a different field of work! I went on to create websites, run social media, create copy and content, vlogging, blogging and email marketing and I absolutely love my job!

I’ve had all kinds of clients from large publishing houses like Macmillan, to small local businesses like Wessex Building Contractors. My passion is writing; so creating scroll-stopping, engaging, SEO copy and content is my all time favourite activity!

Alongside the writing, website design and maintenance and general marketing work, I delight in graphic design and the creation of hard marketing materials. I also have a home studio and provide voiceover work (left over from my younger days as an actor!) so can supply your business with video animations and infographics, complete with voiceover, or even record your answerphone message across your phone lines!

I’d be delighted to hear from you whatever your need and budget! Get in touch today!

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